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Three Reasons Custom Content is Key for Organic Search Engine Results

Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who are diligent and capable of waiting. This is true when it comes to the development of a strong, popular website. Here at Write On SEO, we understand the importance of posting regular, custom content to your website.

In a perfect world, you could simply design a website, and traffic would pour in. However, most people don’t type in URL’s to find what they’re looking for. They use search engines. Google delivers 4,464,000,000 search results every day, and this is just one of many popular search engines used. You want to make sure your site ranks. There are three good reasons why custom content is key for the development of organic search engine results.

1. Provides Entertainment

As more people use the Internet for entertainment, it’s important that your site is able to deliver. That’s why those who provide consistent information that captures attention are able to succeed. Just a few ways you can accomplish the delivery of exciting articles and stories include:

  • Provide timely and relevant information people want to know
  • Include pictures and videos to deliver the visuals to bring your story to life
  • Talk directly to the reader using pronouns like “I” and “You”

2. Establishes Authority

Whatever your industry or niche, you want to make sure you establish a level of authority on the subject. When you regularly provide valuable, custom content, readers will begin to associate your business or brand with the solution you provide. This, in turn, converts into more followers who will like and share your posts with their friends and family. Whether you write the content yourself or hire a professional copywriter, establishing a degree of expertise helps tremendously.

3. Increases Search Engine Rankings

Google work like a spider on the worldwide web. When searches are made, it crawls the web looking for relevant material. By including consistent custom content, you can include keywords and links that match what’s being asked of the search engine to provide. Over time, you can enjoy higher rankings, and that ultimately converts to more visits to your page.

A Process That Never Ends

Now, time is a valuable resource, and, if you run a business or organization, you probably don’t have enough of it. That’s why the staff here at Write On SEO is here to take the hard work off the table for you. We can help you devise a custom content posting schedule. Aside from helping you come up with exciting content, we can also help with keyword research and other areas of development to better ensure organic development over time. Contact us today to see how we can help!


The Seven Comma Clues: Learn to Write Right

It can be easy to overlook a comma. Whether you’re writing a term paper, professional resume, or just a simple post on Facebook, people will make judgements about your intellect when you misplace or forget commas.

Who has time to stop and research every time they are unsure about proper comma placement, though? Of course, if you’re writing something important that will help determine your future, it’s worth the time. However, there are seven clues that can help you make a quick and informed decision and help you write right!

  1. Introductory

This represents information you include in a sentence that could be removed but adds some type of value or elaboration.

As I mentioned earlier, you will notice the superior design.

Notice that the sentence would be proper without “As I mentioned earlier.” However, this introductory verbiage adds more information.

2. Interruptor

The interruptor is similar to introductory, but it shows up in the middle of the sentence.

You will notice, as I mentioned earlier, the superior design.

Again, the sentence could stand alone without the “as I mentioned earlier.”

3. Afterthought

Along the same lines of thinking, the afterthought also adds value to the sentence without being necessary for proper grammar.

You will notice the superior design, as I mentioned earlier.

4. Coordinating Conjunction

For number four, we move on to a new concept. However, it’s not difficult to understand. Conjunctions are words that are placed between other words or phrases of equal rank. Think of “and”, “but”, and “or.” I won’t overwhelm you with all seven, but you can read more about them here.

When you have two complete sentences linked together with a coordinating conjunction, you add a comma before it.

I was going to mention the superior design, but I’m pretty sure I already did.

5. Series

The series comma is relatively self-explanatory. Whenever you are listing a series of items in a sentence, you separate them with commas.

Along with a superior design, you’ll also notice the detail, shine, and precision.

6. Equal Modifiers

When describing something, it’s good to add detail. We often accomplish this by adding more adjectives, and this is an example of the equal modifier.

The nice, shiny car has a superior design.

7. Dates and Addresses

This goes without saying.

January 17, 2017

555 W. 5th St, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201

When I was in seventh grade, my English teacher required us to memorize the seven comma clues, and I’m glad she did. Today, I’m 32-years-old, and I still reference back to these helpful tools. Write them down. Save the link to this post. The next time you find yourself wondering if a comma is necessary, you’ll be surprised at just how helpful this information can prove to be!


Don’t Think You Can Write a Book? Think Again.

If you’re like most curious human beings, you think about the world around you. We have reason to take pride in our species. Just look at how far we’ve come. With technological advancements taking such tremendous leaps, it seems as though our potential is limitless.

However, it’s easy to feel as though our own minimal contributions to society don’t make much of a difference. The truth is, with an attitude like that, they probably won’t. What if I told you there are little things you could do every day that add up over time, and you could easily make your mark in the world by writing a book in as little as just one year.

Where to Start?

It all starts with an idea. We have all found ourselves daydreaming or facing a situation in our lives that makes us think, “Wow, this is Hollywood worthy.” Don’t allow those moments to slip away! Carry a notepad around with you for as long as it takes to generate some ideas. You’d be surprised at how one idea can build on another when you see them all written down at the same time.

The Planning Stage

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and it’s important to spend a little bit of time every day creating an outline as well as detailing characters. I have found that it helps to lie down in a meditative state and picture your characters, really get into their heads. Pretend these are people you know, your friends. It can be especially helpful if you assign personalities of friends and loved ones to your characters to help you personalize with them. From start to finish, create an outline of what happens throughout the storyline.

Start Writing

Once you’ve mapped out where you’re going, it’s time to start walking. The amount of time you spend is up to you and your schedule. However, as long as you’re consistent, you’ll make progress. Think of it this way… you can drive from coast to coast across the United States in around 60 hours. However, if you walked, it can take up to six months. Either way, however, you’ll make it to your destination. Don’t stop to proofread until you’ve completed the journey. When you approach the writing of your book this way, it’s impossible for it not come to completion.


Three Reasons to Start a Blog in 2017

Most of us relish in the opportunity to speak our minds. However, all too many fewer take advantage of one of the best ways to get their opinions out there, share their knowledge, or just go off on rants.

Blogs are designed to let you do just that. Best of all, they only take minutes to set up, and, using sites like WordPress, you can make your first blog post without paying a dime! In fact, I just created this blog only 15 minutes ago! If you’re ready to embark on a resolution that pays off, there are three reasons to start a blog in 2017.

  1. Every Little Bit Adds Up

Starting any new projects can be daunting when you look at the big picture. That’s why it’s important to take your blog one day at a time. Even if you only post once every three days, when 2018 rolls around, you’ll have over 150 posts for your readers to enjoy!

Make it a point to dedicated at least enough time three days per week to post something related to your blog. Make sure you focus on something that intrigues you. For instance, if you work in the healthcare industry, consider a blog on health tips for seniors. It’s really up to you and your preferences.

2. You Can Gain a Following

If you’re a natural-born leader, it provides you with a sense of purpose when others show an interest in what you have to say. After all, your life experiences have given you unique knowledge that others are looking to acquire. Over time and with consistent posting, you’ll begin to impress likeminded individuals. In fact, some of the most popular blogs out there started as simple posts made by an individual with passion behind a particular topic. You could be next!

3. Great Personal Marketing Tool

Even if you don’t develop the world’s next go-to blog about fashion or fitness, the truth is that it just looks good if you have a blog you can share. Whether it be an application for a promotion or a platform to send potential voters to if you choose to run for office, an established blog is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Join Me Blogging This Year!

I think most of us would agree that 2016 was kind of rough! Let’s make 2017 a year of accomplishments. If you haven’t already started, there’s no reason not to visit WordPress now and at least set up your platform. If you have any questions, please reach out to me! This can be the year you take your own life by the horns and do something that will improve your own personal brand.

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